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  Couple in a canoe - The Florida Bar Elder Law Section exists as a resource for the elderly, persons with special needs, and advocates on behalf of its members.


The Section encourages members to spend ten (10) hours a year engaged in Section activities including committee activities. The following is a list of the Elder Law Section's Committees and information about each committee. If you are interested in joining a committee contact the Chair or Co-Chair of the particular committee you are interested in and you will be informed of the next conf. call meeting.
For more specific information including meeting schedules, conference call-in instructions and committee materials, visit the committee’s page in the Members Section.  Click here to login

The Advocate/Newsletter (Publications)

The publications committee shall be responsible for furnishing articles for publication in Florida Bar publications; for publishing and distribution of a section newsletter; and for publishing and distribution of written materials to the public, including the section website.
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Kristina Maria Tilson
216 Catalonia Avenue, Suite 108
Coral Gables, FL 33134-6737
United States
Phone:  786-597-3565 

Abuse, Neglect & Exploitation

The exploitation and abuse committee shall identify sources of crime and abuse against elder citizens, identify the appropriate respondent with respect to such sources and what the response should be, determine whether appropriate actions are being taken and assess what legislative, agency, or other means may be necessary to enhance the assistance available to elderly victims of crime and abuse. The committee shall also review, study, and recommend legislative, agency, and other action to address the legal issues relating to age discrimination.

Meetings:  First Thursday of each month at 12:00

Erika Dine
1101 6th Ave., Suite 218
Bradenton, FL 34205
Phone:  941.746.3900  
Fax:  941.240.2132

Amy Mason Collins
1709 Hermitage Blvd., Ste. 102
Tallahassee FL, 32308
Phone: 850.385.1246 
Fax: 850.681.7074


The budget committee shall be composed of the treasurer, the chair, and the chair-elect.  The committee shall prepare proposed budgets and any amendments for submission to vote of the executive council.
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Jason Waddell
1108 N 12th Ave # A
Pensacola, FL 32501-3308
United States
Office:  850-434-8500
Fax:  850-434-0971

Budget Committee Members [-]

Jason Waddell, Treasurer
Twyla Sketchley, Chair
John Clardy, Chair-Elect
Jana McConnaughhay, Administrative Chair



Continuing Legal Education (CLE)

The CLE committee shall be responsible for arranging legal seminars and similar programs for the education of attorneys in the field of elder law.

Meetings:  TBA

Sam Boone
4545 NW 8th Avenue, Suite A
Gainesville, FL 32605
United States
 Phone:  352-374-8308 


Estate Planning and Advance Directives Committee, Probate

 The estate planning and advance directives committee shall review, evaluate, assist, and provide planning strategies to the elderly and practitioners regarding estate planning alternatives.  In addition, the committee shall study and make proposals regarding health care advance directives.

Meeting Times: Quarterly meetings will be held on the following dates: January 14, 2016, and May 19, 2016. The meetings will be from 8:30 to 9:30 a.m.

Horacio Sosa
2924 Davie Rd, Ste 102
Davie, FL 33314
 Phone:  954-532-9447
 Fax:  954-337-3819

Mike Jorgensen
2318 Park St
Jacksonville, Florida 322044318
United States
 Phone:  904-619-8890 
 E-Mail: m



The ethics committee shall review, study, and recommend legislative, agency, and other action to address ethical issues that arise in the legal and other professions, including proposing codes of ethics in dealing with elderly persons for various professions.

Meetings:  Third Wednesday of each month at 8:30 am
Attendance Policy for Meetings:  NONE

Steven Hitchcock
Special Needs Lawyers, P.A.
901 Chestnut St Ste C
Clearwater, Florida 337565618
United States
 Phone:  727.443.7898 
 Fax:  727.6310970

Debra Slater
5411 N University Drive, Ste 201
Coral Springs, FL 33067
 Phone:  954-753-4388
 Office:  954-753-4399

Ethics Committee Members [-]

Steven Hitchcock, Chair
Rebecca Morgan
Roberta Flowers
Aubrey Posey
Laurie O’Hall
Richard Milstein
Lauchlin Waldoch
Horacio Sosa
Mark Shalloway
Linda Chamberlain
Alex Cuello
Odelia Goldberg



Financial Products

The financial products committee shall review, study, and recommend consumer and attorney education as well as legislative, agency, and other action to address financial products, sales of inappropriate investments, sales techniques used to sell in appropriate investments to Florida’s elderly, and how to evaluate common financial products sold to and purchased by Florida elders.

Meetings: 3rd Friday of every month at 2 p.m.

Marjorie Wolasky
9400 S. Dadeland Blvd., PH 4
Miami, FL 33156
Phone: 305-670-7005

Jill Ginsberg
401 E Las Olas Blvd, Ste 1400
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301
Phone: 954-332-2310
Office: 954-827-0440



The guardianship committee shall review, study, and recommend legislative, agency, and other action to address the problems arising under the Florida guardianship statute and how better to implement the Florida Legislature's goals as stated therein.
Sponsored By:

Meetings:  Second and fourth Wednesday each month at 12:00

Victoria Heuler
1815 Miccosukee Commons Dr Ste 104
Tallahassee, Florida 323085457
United States
 Phone:  850-421-2400 


Carolyn Landon
5707 S Dixie Hwy Ste B
West Palm Beach, Florida 334053693
United States
 Phone:  561.5881212 
 Fax:  561.5881255

Guardianship Committee Members [-]

Melissa Barnhardt, Co-Chair
Carolyn Landon, Co-Chair
Ellie Schwarz
 Jay Kauffman
Ellen Morris
Steve Hitchcock
Mike Jorgensen
Maria Michaels
David Crane
Collette Small
Karen Campbell
 Justin Diner (law student)
Mitzi Motsinger
Holly M. O’Neill

Stephanie Villavicencio
David Hook
John Clardy
Twyla Sketchley
 Joan Nelson-Hook
Brandon Arkin
Nina Chepp
Sarah Caldwell
Alison Meyer (law student graduate)
Jaclyn Stark (law student graduate)
Julia Garrett (law student)
 Katherine Corlett (law student)

Gina Nguyen


Law School Liaison

The law school liaison is responsible for developing relationships with law schools throughout Florida.

Meetings:  TBA

Enrique Zamora
3006 Aviation Ave Ste 4C
Coconut Grove, Florida 331333866
United States
 Phone:  305-285-0285 

Alex Cuello
5975 Sunset Dr Ste 801
Miami, Florida 331435174
United States
 Phone:  305.6691078 
 Fax:  305.6691079 


The legislative committee shall from time to time study and make recommendations to the executive council regarding requests for the section to adopt a legislative position, study and make recommendations to the executive council about legislative positions made by other sections, individuals or entities and to disseminate news and opinions of proposed or enacted legislation on elder law matters among the various committees of the section.

Meetings: Every other Friday at 8:30 a.m. through 1/1/2016. Every Friday through the end of session.

Scott Selis
Chiumento Selis Dwyer, P.L.
145 City Pl Ste 301
Palm Coast, Florida 321642481
United States
 Phone:  386.4458900 16
 Fax:  866.4373223

William Johnson
21 Suntree Pl Ste 100
Melbourne, Florida 329407600
United States
 Phone:  321-253-1667


Legislative Committee Members [-]

Scott Selis, Chair
Tom Bachelor
John Clardy
All Substantive Chairs are members of the Legislative Committee


Medicaid/Government Benefits

The Medicaid and government benefits committee shall study and make proposals regarding the availability of and eligibility for Medicaid and other government benefits.
Sponsored By:

Meetings: First Tuesday of every month from 8:30 to 9:30 a.m.

Heather Kirson, B.C.S.
Florida Bar Board Certified Elder Law Attorney
The Elder Law Center of Kirson & Fuller
801 N Magnolia Ave Ste 204
Orlando, Florida 32803
Tel: 407-422-3017
Fax: 407-849-1707

Amanda Wolf
The Law Offices of Amanda M. Wolf
114 S Fremont Ave
Tampa, Florida 336061703
United States
 Phone:  813-350-7991 


The membership committee shall be responsible for making recommendations to the executive council on affiliate membership; the membership directory; and any other functions assigned by the chair of the section.

Meetings:  None currently scheduled.

Donna R. McMillan
McCarthy, Summers, Bobko,
Wood, Norman, Bass and Melby,
2400 SE Federal Highway, Fourth Floor,
Stuart, Florida 34994
United States
 Phone:  772-286-1700 

Robert Morgan
Bowers, Morgan and Associates, P.A.
4540 Southside Blvd., Suite 702
Jacksonville, FL 32216
904-998-0732 (fax)



 The mentoring committee shall develop a mentoring program for section members, including but not limited to educational opportunities, mentor relationship development, and mentoring opportunities.
The Mentoring Committee holds a mentoring call with CLE every other month over lunch with an expert in a particular area of elder law and members can ask questions of the expert.   The call is free to all section members.  For more information on the calls and the schedule watch for Section E-blasts announcing the calls or visit the Mentoring Committee page in the Members Section.

Meetings:  TBA

Stephanie Villavicencio
Zamora & Hillman
3006 Aviation Ave Ste 4C
Coconut Grove, Florida 331333866
United States
Phone:  305.2850285 
Fax:  305.2853285

Special Needs Trust

Travis Finchum
901 Chestnut St Ste C
Clearwater, Florida 337565618
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How You Can Get Involved

The special needs trust committee shall study, review, evaluate, assist, and provide planning strategies for the use of special needs trusts to assist the elderly and persons with disabilities.  They shall also review, study and recommend legislative, agency, and other action to address issues that arise in the drafting and administration of special needs trusts.

Meetings: TBA

Unlicensed Practice of Law (UPL)

The unlicensed practice of law committee shall review, study, and recommend, Bar rules, legislative, agency, and other action to address issues that arise with regard to unlicensed practice of law.
Meetings:  Third Tuesday of each month at 4 pm

John Frazier
John R. Frazier Jd, Llm, PLC/Jos. Pippen PL
10225 Ulmerton Rd # 11
Largo, Florida 337713538
United States          
 Phone:  727.586.3306 ext104
 Fax:  727.5866276



The website/technology committee shall review and maintain an up-to-date website that is useful to members.  It shall also review and make recommendations to the executive council regarding additional technology and social media the section should be using to reach out to and educate section members and consumers on issues related to elder law.
If you would like to have an update made to the website please email Jana McConnaughhay.

Jana McConnaughhay
1709 Hermitage Boulevard, Suite 102
Tallahassee, FL 32308
 Phone:  850-385-1246
 Fax:  850-681-7074  Email:


Veterans (VA) Benefits

The Veterans benefits committee shall alert members to benefits available to Veterans, available care settings for Veterans and to provide educational programs for our members regarding various benefits and their respective eligibility rules.

Meetings:  6 lunch and learn CLE meetings. It is planned that an hour and half program will allow for a proper presentation and questions. These meetings will take place in the Tampa Bay Area, Orlando, Ft. Myers, Jacksonville, Boca Raton and Sarasota. They will be held in the months of September, October, November, February, March and April.

Javier A. Centonzio
8240 118th Avenue North, Suite 300
Largo, Florida 33773
 Office:  (727) 490-8712
 Fax:  (727) 490-8712


Jack Rosenkranz P.O. Box 1999
Tampa, FL 33601
 Phone:  813-223-4195
 Fax:  813-273-4561



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